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Love it or hate it, the Internet has changed education. Here are some of the best online courses by wedding photographers, for wedding photographers. Download, read, watch, participate from home.

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Editing and Posing Class Bundle by Ben Sasso

Bundle $50 off

Editing and Posing Class Bundle by Ben Sasso

HOT DANG. These two classes are my favorites and my most popular so I created a bundle for you all to get these two jam-packed classes at a bundled price.

If you are hoping for a well rounded education, this is the place to get it. The two classes included in this bundle are Editing & Consistency, and Posing & Directing. 

Price: USD $350
Content: editing, posing, directing, video tutorial

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Posing & Directing

by Ben Sasso

Posing & Directing by Ben Sasso

Oh hey, welcome to my favorite class!

This sucker is jam packed with the good stuff. Easy tricks to create natural poses, Cues to foster genuine emotion, tips for flattering angles, how to create endless variety in your posing, and a ton more.

Absolutely every bit of posing knowledge I have is in here.Every cue I've ever used, how to create images that are full of heart, tips for fostering genuine candid moments, easy tricks to give you endless variety in your posing (because F getting stuck), behind-the-scenes videos from couples shoots, and a ton more.

You'll learn how to gain trust so your subjects commit to your vision, how to create a set that fosters awesome, how to flatter the heck out of people, and how to naturally pose couples and individuals using actions and prompts. Posing breakdowns, videos, and TONS of image examples so you can fully understand every aspect.

Price: USD $200
Content: posing, directing, pre shoot, theory, posing individuals, directing couples, video tutorial

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Editing and Consistency

by Ben Sasso

Editing and Consistency by Ben Sasso

Find your signature style, develop a streamlined workflow, and create consistency in your work! 
This class takes place in Lightroom, and is for those of you who want to take the WTF out of editing. In it, I break down my entire editing process and lay out the steps to create a style that's as unique as you are. In-depth videos (2+ hours total).

Price: USD $200
Content: editing, lightroom, video tutorial

All Classes Bundle by Ben Sasso

$100 off

All Classes Bundle by Ben Sasso

$100 off!

Improvement isn't passive and this bundle is for those of you who want to dive head first into pushing your work forward. It includes every class I offer at a bundled price!

Inside you'll find an honest and in-depth education in what I consider to be some of the most important aspects of what we do.

Classes included:

  • Editing & Consistency
  • Social Media
  • Style & Brand
  • Free lighting mini class
  • Posing & Directing

Price: USD $475
Content: editing, lightroom, video tutorial, posing, directing, pre shoot, theory, posing individuals, directing couples, social media, style, branding, lighting

Social Media | FB + Instagram

by Ben Sasso

Social Media | FB + Instagram by Ben Sasso

Over the years I've built a relatively large base of followers on Facebook and Instagram and it's been absolutely fantastic for the health of my career. This class covers how I got here and the practices that have brought me the most success!

Gaining followers on Facebook and Instagram, posting killer content, fostering engagement, creating life long fans, building buzz about your work and plenty more.

Strong social media doesn't just happen and this class covers the work that happens behind the scenes to make it rock. #HeckYes!

Price: USD $100
Content: social media, video tutorial


Style & Brand 

by Ben Sasso

Style & Brand by Ben Sasso 

This class is all about a complicated, but simple thing: 
How to create a consistent, recognizable style and a brand that brings in the clients that love what you have to offer.

Having that well developed style and brand will create trust in your clients and confidence in your work, two things that are crucial to your success as a photographer.

Spoiler alert: It wont happen over night but If you are ready to take the first steps, give me a virtual high-five and let's dig in!

Price: USD $100
Content: style, brand, video tutorial


Find in a Box by Jonathan Canlas

FIND in a Box contains everything you need to know to successfully shoot film in the modern world. From cameras to film stocks, metering to lighting, storytelling to posing -- everything I know about film -- it's all here. (And it's on freaking video, people.) 

Price: USD $1229
Content: film, film cameras, film stock, metering, lighting, storytelling, posing, video tutorial

biz guide.jpg

Find: Biz Guide by Jonathan Canlas

Owning a photography business is hard work. That's why the early years of my business were a train wreck. I struggled to make money, clawing at any work I could find to feed my kids and to avoid going back to schlepping wellness products for a living. I was completely exhausted, the bank account always seemed to be empty, I never saw my family, and I once shot six weddings in multiple states in six days. It's only after more than a decade of owning a photography business that I can say I know what I'm doing.

Price: USD $229
Content: business