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Interview: Preston Utley

Interview: Preston Utley

Photographer Interview: Preston Utley

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Show Notes:

Firstly apologies for the visual quality of this video, I'm working on creating high quality content but sometimes Skyping across continents isn't ideal. Apologies.

Thank you for watching this interview with Preston Utley by the School of Wedding Photography.

Preston Utley is a Denver, Colorado based photographer who describes himself as a photographer who happens to photograph weddings. A former newspaper shooter and picture editor Preston has made clients his sole focus and avoided competitions or industry recognition because he believes it can be too distracting from his own vision as a visual artist.

Topics Covered:

Some of the topics we cover in this interview include:

  • personality and art,
  • how to present yourself as a brand,
  • being true to yourself as an artist,
  • the "industry",
  • the value of wedding photography and how to point this out to clients,
  • what makes a successful wedding photographer,
  • destination weddings,
  • how to have a long career,
  • Preston's influences,
  • the importance of business for your business,
  • leaving a legacy through your work.


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