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Interview: Eric Ronald

Interview: Eric Ronald

Photographer Interview: Eric Ronald


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Show Notes:

Thank you for watching this interview with Eric Ronald by the School of Wedding Photography.

Eric is a photographer based in Melbourne, Australia who frequently travels the world for weddings, often in exotic places. He runs Akademe with Julia Archibald, a cross educational platform and workshop. In 2017 & 2018 Eric won the Aust Institute Professional Photography Australian Album of the Year award.

Topics covered:

How did you make the leap from being a cinematographer, to photographing weddings?

Why did you get into weddings?

Why do you shoot weddings?

How would you define being a successful a wedding photographer?

What 3 things have most contributed to where your brand is now?

How do you create a lasting impression in a saturated industry?

How do you balance the artistic impulse to be creative and try new things, with your brands need for consistency?




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