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Interview: Catalina Jean

Interview: Catalina Jean

Photographer Interview: Catalina Jean


Full interview:

Show Notes:

Thank you for watching this interview with Catalina Jean by the School of Wedding Photography.

Catalina Jean is a Portland based wedding photographer. She is one of the Top 25 Wedding Photographers in Portland according to Expertise Blog, speaks regularly at the popular Lets Go workshops and is an SEO educator

Topics Covered:

  • The importance of SEO to business

  • SEO is much more important than social media

  • SEO can be controlled unlike social media

  • Time invested in SEO accumulates in value

  • The very percentage of your effort that should be focussed on SEO activities

  • SEO is interwoven in all online efforts

  • How to get on Page 1 of Google

  • You can't trick Google

  • Understanding Keywords

  • Make your site 'credible' and 'relevant'

  • The factors that contribute to making your site attractive to Google

  • Smart blogging for SEO benefit

  • Creating content that will get noticed

  • Give customers a next step to keep them on your site, this helps SEO

  • How do you rank in google if you are trying to be a destination wedding photographer

  • Links from other quality websites to your site are really important

  • The importance of networking in the industry

  • Keeping the excitement of a wedding going after the wedding

  • The advice Catalina would give her younger self




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