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Interview: Audrey Neracoulis

Interview: Audrey Neracoulis

Photographer Interview: Audrey Neracoulis


Full interview:

Show Notes:

Thank you for watching this interview with Audrey Neracoulis by the School of Wedding Photography.

Audrey Neracoulis is a Paris based wedding photographer whose work has appeared in Vogue, Glamour, Harpers Bazaar and many wedding blogs including Style Me Pretty. She is currently the subject of a French TV documentary about wedding photography.

Topics Covered:

  • Audrey’s background in corporate marketing

  • Leaving a corporate career to become a photographer

  • How she progressed from vacation photography in Paris into weddings

  • Destination weddings in Paris tend to be smaller, intimate events

  • The personal and creative satisfaction that comes from shooting weddings

  • Branding is everything in a crowded market

  • Branding is a way to be remembered

  • Your brand has to be consistent and real

  • The relationship between branding and pricing

  • Styled shoots define your style and the clients you attract

  • Social media must be synced to your brand

  • The way to approach Instagram

  • Clients don’t miss anything you post

  • The frequency of sharing on Instagram impacts your visibility

  • Shooting film and working with a film lab really defined Audrey’s style

  • Defining a brand attracts one type of client but excludes others so you need to be careful not to exclude too many for your market

  • How Audrey handles burnout

  • Moving beyond weddings to add sources of income

  • Asking for help

  • Collaborating for growth and friendship

  • Developing relationships with planners

  • The importance of time to your success

  • Trust comes with time, good work and being gracious

  • Why Audrey prefers one on one mentoring over workshops




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