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Welcome! Wedding Photography is a desirable career choice for many photographers.

I'm Nicholas Purcell, a father, wedding photographer and blogger. Despite a hunger for real information in our community, there has been no central resource for wedding photographers to improve their craft. To address this I've created The School of Wedding Photography.

I want this site to bring together the best minds and advice in the industry to help you improve - your art, your business, your self. Here you'll find interviews with some of the great photographers in our industry. If you're looking to change, shift, improve or just find your next steps in your wedding photography career, this is the site for you, be sure to subscribe using the form right. 

This site is for those of you who have decided to be great.

Have a look around, think about how we could help you more and let me know what you think using the email link below. I'd love any ideas or feedback from you! Or just say hello!

Nicholas Purcell

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Our Mission

Our mission is to be the single greatest online resource for wedding photographers, new and established, to develop new ways of thinking, seeing, and working in their craft.

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